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Directed by Jeff Johnson, the video was filmed on Stephanie Quayle‘s ranch in Montana, meaning gorgeous views and hometown roots. The song, a women’s empowerment anthem, is all about growing up to be just as tough as a cowboy, making the return to Quayle’s Montana ranch a perfect fit.

Quayle was overjoyed to film in Montana. “Creating the music video for this song under the Big Sky was a dream come true,” Quayle says. “To be able to capture how I grew up and where I am now, along with the vulnerability, heartbreak and strength of this song in just over three minutes, was truly a cinematic experience.”

Courtesy David McClister.

Overall, the artist loved the filming experience, and was thankful to have gotten to work with Johnson. “It was such an honor to work with the brilliant Jeff Johnson along with our team to bring this vision to life,” she continues. “This is what I love about country music – it can tear your heart out and in the next breath pick you right up. There’s a powerful message woven throughout this visual storyline: When life knocks you down, dust off that hat and get back up on that horse!”

See how the music video came together and listen to “If I Was A Cowboy” and let us know what you think: