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One of our favorite cowgirls, Stephanie Quayle, has released her video project that follows the tracks of her latest album, On The Edge. The impactful collection of music, produced by five-time Grammy nominated, Paul Moak, is given a visual treatment by director Rachel Deeb, who effortlessly weaves each track together as if moving through rooms in a house.

“Each song is featured chronologically to showcase and capture the grief, love, betrayal, reconciliation, and ultimately my redemption in this short film. I’ve been sharing music videos my whole career — as a visual person, this album opened the creative door to do something conceptual. Using the symbolism of the house and the rooms that I go back to and then ultimately break free of, our director, Rachel Deeb, did a fantastic job of capturing all the spaces between the lines to tell the whole story. I think the “home” is such a symbol of family — you never know what is happening behind closed doors. This visual journey brings the viewer to the freedom of finding a way out of the unspoken pain, and finding a way to move forward in light and hope.”

– Stephanie Quayle

The story of On The Edge is taken straight from the pages of Stephanie’s own life during a period of time where she was emotionally devastated, felt lost on her path forward and her journey to finally finding solace. Sharing her story for the first time publicly, Quayle hopes that her heartbreaking loss and the fallout after, can be a source of strength and light for anyone who’s felt grief and betrayal – that they too can find peace and acceptance through their darkest times. 

Listen to On The Edge here!

The eight tracks that make up On The Edge, explore the fundamentally human experience when you are faced with a decision – when you’re forced to choose between descending into the darkness or seeking the light. This album is a redemptive tale, and a profoundly personal one. After losing her boyfriend of four years in a plane crash, Quayle soon learned she wasn’t the only woman in his life and the home they built together was covered in lies.

Congratulations, Stephanie!! Sending lots of love from your COWGIRL family!