Fly Control

With warmer weather quickly approaching, flies have already begun to appear on farms. They can drive your horse crazy! It’s important you develop a strategy to combat them. While masks and sprays can help your horse, there’s actually much more you can be doing! Your plan should be broken down into three steps.

Step 1: Prevention

Start early on in the season! Select products that prevent the flies from breeding and interrupt the life cycle. Make sure you know what species are common in your area, so you can target them specifically. Many horse farms have had success with Fly Predators.

Second, practice smart manure management. If you spread your manure, then it must be done every 5-7 days minimally. This will interrupt the life cycle of the fly.

Step 2: Reduction

It’s impossible to prevent all flies from reaching your barn, but you can minimize population sizes. Try these helpful ideas…

  • Muck your stalls daily
  • Keep your barn tidy
  • Store trash in sealed containers
  • Eliminate standing water
  • Set traps outside of your barn

Step 3: Management

After you’ve taken measures to prevent and reduce the fly population, it’s time to manage the ones you do have. You must ensure your horse is as comfortable as possible. Invest in flywear, such as a mask, sheet and leg wraps! You can also purchase sprays, wipes and roll-ons.

This spring and summer don’t have to be hard on your horse. You just need to be prepared to fight the flies!

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