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Kendra Santos said it best when she wrote about the 6x World Champion Stetson Wright…

Stetson Wright just won $927,940 in a single season, and two more gold buckles to bring his running total to seven. Perhaps he CAN leap tall buildings in a single bound, like Superman did. And yet he’s still the same humble and kind young man Daddy Cody raised him to be, just like Grandpa Bill raised Cody. Confident but never cocky, Stetson has to somehow find a way to keep reaching for more, even though his earning power has him in a league of his own in rodeo right now.

“I just try to stay in my own lane and out of my own way. I try to chase the future me.”

~ Stetson Wright

Congratulations, kid. You’re sure easy to cheer for.”




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Congratulations Stetson!