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One of my favorite things about cowboy hats is how unique they are to each person. Everyone shapes their hats a little differently whether for face shape or style preference. And the colors you can choose from nowadays… extraordinary! Don’t even get me started on the options to personalize them even more, like branding them, the various hat bands to choose from, and hat pins! 

Hat pins are a great way to add your favorite saying, color, or design onto your cowboy hat! The best thing about hat pins is they are transferable from one hat to another. So you can have your favorite pin on your felt during the winter, then move it to your straw in the summer! 

Let’s take a look at some of the most gorgeous hat pins available! 

Lovin’ the “love” one! 

Hat pins or hat picks? You decide! 

What did we say about adding our favorite color? There is never such a thing as too much turquoise!

Just take your “pick” here!

No one will be questioning which hat is yours when you have a hat pin with your initials!

These are absolutely stunning and perfect for any cowgirl!

Think a hat pin is your next must? Check out these custom ones by CH Designs!