Photo courtesy of Mallory Beinborn - Impulse Photography.……

I personally consider Stingray to be one of the greatest barrel horses of all time. She might be slightly smaller than some of the other horses on the circuit, but she’s definitely a contender wherever she goes.

She’s a powerhouse that just seems to explode every time Sherry Cervi rides her into the arena. Laying down the same pattern nearly every run has written her name in barrel racing history.

Photo courtesy of Sherry Cervi Facebook page.

“Yesterday was a big day for Stingray, but I don’t think she realized it. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Before the first steer, I was really nervous. She is in great shape, but hadn’t been roped on since last summer. It didn’t matter one bit. She has the heart of a champion, no matter what you ask her to do. She competed with Cory at one of the largest, toughest open team roping events of the year and worked every steer she saw!”

“This was potentially going to be the first summer she would stay home in over ten years. She is getting older, but again she doesn’t know it. She may not be as fast as she once was, but she is not ready to be retired and I’m not ready to leave her behind. I can’t explain how much she means to me and getting to watch her perform, as the coolest little heel horse I know, was awesome.” -Sherry Cervi Facebook Page