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Stock tank pools, a.k.a. “cowgirl pools,” are a hot new summer trend and people are getting really creative with them!

These pools are great if you want a Western aesthetic in your backyard. This could be your best project/investment ever, especially when you think about those long summer days!

Here are a few ideas on how you can turn your stock tank into every cowgirl’s dream pool:

@stocktankpool has super-helpful information if you choose to take the leap and build your dream cowgirl pool. If you need some more convincing, here are a few notes from @stocktankpool:

  • You can make your pool a hot tub.
  • Stock tanks are super easy to find, and are available at Tractor Supply, Rural King, Co-Op, True Value, and other farm supply stores.
  • You’re looking at about $600 for the whole pool, including tank, pump, and other parts. Not too bad!
  • An 8-ft tank can usually fit around eight adults at once. Party time!
  • A stock tank pool’s timeline is unclear, but sooner or later, the tank will rust due to the water. Some claim that their stock tank pools have lasted years.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want their own unique cowgirl pool right in their backyard?