Cowgirl - Abuse

Cowgirl - Abuse

Since being domesticated, horses depend on people for their care. Unfortunately, horse abuse does exist in society. People fail to provide shelter, food, and clean water for their horse. In other cases, the animal is mistreated in training. With the use of social media, equestrians are becoming more aware. It’s time to join together and put an end to the abuse!

1) Physically Stand Up: If you are a witness to rough handling, training, or a neglect case, you might want to take action by becoming vocal or removing the horse from harm. Remember, it isn’t always safe to physically intervene.

2) Take Pictures & Videos: Document what you saw taking place or the animal’s condition. Most people have their phones on them and it is easy to capture what may be considered abuse.

3) Share on Facebook: Word spreads fast on social media. Share videos and pictures of the situation.

4) Call Local Authorities: Have specific details ready before you call. Explain the situation clearly and calmly. Don’t forget to follow up and make sure it is being taken seriously.

5) Fight to Change Laws: Speak up to get tougher laws with stronger penalties.

Get as much facts as you can before accusing someone of horse abuse. It is a serious crime. If you are not sure, speak to your local authorities and explain the situation. Be a horse warrior!