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Take your fall fashion to new heights with this look. You simply can’t go wrong when you put on something from Tasha Polizzi! The Same goes for Seven For All Mankind Dojo jeans; the look and fit is absolutely unbeatable. They are a personal favorite of mine. But the real icing on this cake is this Stormy Kromer vest. It’s functionality paired with smart style make is a perfect fall layer to add to nearly any outfit. Plus, there’s an incredible history behind the Stormy Kromer brand that still resonates within the company and it’s products today. Check out this awesome video about the American roots from which the company was born. Clearly the deep history of this American company still inspires those involved with the brand today.
“To meet him was to never forget him. George “Stormy” Kromer was genuine, and that spirit reached every corner of a company he never planned to start in the first place. He simply wanted a piece of headgear that worked as hard as he did. One cap led to a thousand and then many millions, but a century later we’re still making products as authentically as the first one—from materials to methods. You can’t pretend to be a legend. It’s something you earn from your customers, your commitments, and always carrying through.” -The Stormy Kromer Team
Explore the entire Stormy Kromer line here to see more of the beautiful smart, modern, and functional styles upon which the brand was founded. What I’m Wearing: The Ida Outfitter Vest by Stormy Kromer – $109.99; Colt 44 Long Sleeve Shirt by Tasha Polizzi – $199.99; Seven For All Mankind Dojo Trouser – $189.99; On the bar: Charlie 1 Horse hats and Double D Ranch Collection Boots by Old Gringo.