‘The Story Of The Horse’ Is The Next TV Series You Must Watch!

If you're a cowgirl, this new series on PBS is definitely worth watching.

January 31, 2019

From beginning to modern-era, just how far have horses come?

Horses have shaped the world as people know it. They have been here since the beginning of civilization. Join PBS as they share the story of the horse in their new series, Equus Story of the Horse. Filmed over 18 months and on 3 different continents, you won’t want to miss the unique aerials, slow-motion footage, and live-recorded music.

Travel from Saudi Arabia to Kentucky to see extraordinary horse breeds. Stop at Sable Island to hear the tales of some incredible wild horses. Meet racehorse trainers and learn about the incredible speed of these four-legged animals. You’ll witness all this and more!

The series is set to premiere on January 16, 2019. The first episode is about the origins of horses.

Learn more about the series on pbs.org.

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