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CBD. Three letters, so many benefits. CBD products are being developed and used throughout human and animal healthcare industries at an alarming rate. And the fan fare is definitely worth it. Far from a narcotic or mystical potion, CBD products are real and ready to help your horse be at their best. 

For any horse owner, the choice to try a new product is much deeper than a recommendation. Here are a few facts about CBD to help you make the switch and jump on the CBD train, choo choo!

How can CBD help my horse? 

Testimonials show that CBD may help with pain, stiffness, swelling, anxiety, and so much more. According to American Horse Publications, CBD pellets can help with management of specific and wide reaching conditions such as arthritis, ulcerations, laminitis, obesity and more!

Is CBD marijuana?

Hemp-derived CBD is NOT marijuana. In fact, THC, the cannabinoid compound that causes psychoactive effects in the cannabis/ “marijuana” plant, is not an ingredient in CBD. 

So, what is CBD? 

CBD, short for “cannabidiol,” is one of more than 80 compounds found in the cannabis plant. THC is a different compound found in the cannabis plant.

Is it legal?

Yes. CBD and CBD products are legal in all 50 states. Just as many cities have restrictions on liquor sales, building codes and restaurants, there are still some restrictions within various cities, counties, and states. When it comes down to the facts, it is legal to purchase and use hemp-derived CBD products in your home and barn. 

Although, the FDA does not regulate CBD products. Like with any new purchase, do your research, talk to your barn mates, and find a reputable company to help with your horse’s health.  

Is it legal for horse shows?

When showing your horse, check in with your association’s rules and regulations regarding usable drugs to make sure you do not incur violations. Please do this with all medications, supplements, and additives you are giving to you horse(s)!

Why Mikko’s Choice CBD Pellets?

Devoted to finding the very best natural solutions for common horse ailments, Mikko’s Choice CBD Pellets may be the best choice for you and your horse. Mikko’s Choice is a women-owned small business backed by multiple Animal Science degrees and Cannabis/CBD industry experience. It is developed for horse people by a horse person, with the sole goal of improving your horses’ health and wellness. 

Mikko’s Choice CBD makes a promise to ensure natural, effective, and safe products for your horse. While other CBD products use harsh chemicals to extract the CBD, which then lingers in the product, Mikko’s Choice CBD pellets are made from just the actual plant. The plant is organically grown in the USA and can be tracked from seed to sale. Each batch is lab tested and the results are posted online. Plus, $5 from every sale is donated to a Mustang rescue! 

And now through the foreseeable future, the pellets are 15% off to ease any financial burden brought on due to COVID-19. Mikko’s Choice sole mission is to help you and your horse, hopefully this does as well!

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All aboard the Mikko’s Choice CBD Pellet train! 

Photo courtesy Mikko’s Choice.

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