It’s about to get hot, y’all! While you’re scramblin’ around, trying to figure out where all your tanks and shorts are hiding, we are busy trying to figure out a way to make our hair look fabulous in the heat. Fact is, that’s a tall order. You’re probably going to sweat, and your hair is probably going to become a stringy disaster. Solution? HATS!

So, many of you are as cowgirl as it gets and wear them anyway; but for those of us who are just trying to look cute without melting, a hat can be a lifesaver. Experiment with different kinds of braids and ponytails to keep absolute cool without sacrificing style. Check out a few of our favorite hat hairstyles here!

Be a woman of many hats and try out any of these funky style and for goodness sake, stay cool, ladies!

Charlie 1 Horse, Stella Hat

Brit West Wyoming Pinch Front Panama

Black Panama

The Waldorf Fedora


Charlie 1 Horse, Vagabond Fedora

Charlie 1 Horse, Never Give Up Hat


Semilla Classic Panama Beaded Straw Hat



MM Sombra 4” Brim Palm Leaf Hat


Lucky Brand Square Weave Straw Hat


Dynamic Azia Fancy Fedora