The Rodeo Road by Charlie 1 Horse, Triangle T Boutique, $90.……

Straw season is here. With temperatures reaching the hundreds in some areas, we see you Arizona, it is time to rock the straws. Straw hats are ideal for hots days. They are able to ensure air flow and keep the top of your head cooler. Above all, they are just stinkin’ cute.

For this straw season, try something new! Maybe a new shape, a new color or a new band accessory.

Without a doubt, Charlie 1 Horse has got your straw style needs covered. Literally. With the brim of their hats.

War Eagle, Charlie 1 Horse, $80.

The War Eagle‘s unique beading allow this wide brimmed straw hat to stand out. The turquoise thunderbird attached to the hat band is unique and perfect for the summer months. And how can you beat the beads around the entire perimeter? Too cute!

Navajo, Charlie 1 Horse, $70.

The Navajo straw hat style turns what you think you know about a feather in the cap on its head. Instead of a bird’s feather, each Navajo hat comes with two leather feathers. Not only are their leather feathers, there is also a turquoise concho and a perfectly patterned scarf. Think about all the add-ons you could put in that band!

Dry Spell, Charlie 1 Horse, $110.

The cactus in addition to the skull, leather band and silver concho make the Dry Spell the perfect southwestern hat. The Dry Spell straw hat will keep your head dry, your face covered, and your fashion top notch.

Rodeo Road, Charlie 1 Horse, $70.

No Rodeo Road is complete with a bucking horse. The summer straw hat answer to the classic Charlie 1 Horse Highway Hat, this little number has all the pop. This hat is dying to be in my closet and on top my head. Besides, how do you expect to go down the rodeo road without the Rodeo road hat?

We can not wait to rock these summer straws through the heat!

Also remember to choose a hat that fits you and make it your own! To customize your Charlie 1 Horse, these Funky Trinkets to Add to Your Hat Band are a sure way to elevate any straw.