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While many brave cowgirls competed in RFD-TV’s The American this weekend, plenty more applauded in the stands, decked out in the latest fashions. While moseying around the rodeo, COWGIRL noticed a few very prominent fashion trends that will help you style your looks to perfection this year.

Call of the Wild

Fierce is an understatement! Animal prints can add texture to any outfit and give a plain look major pizzazz.

Lil Bee’s Bohemian pants, lilbeesbohemian.com.
Tony Lama Boots, tonylama.com.
Chic Gypsy Boutique cardigan.
Lil Bee’s Bohemian pants, lilbeesbohemian.com.

Stunning Stripes

Patterned bell bottoms always make for a unique look, and vertical stripes lengthen and slim the body. Put them together and it’s a match made in cowgirl heaven.

Silverado pants, silveradoapparel-home.com.
Lil Bee’s Bohemian pants, lilbeesbohemian.com.
H&M pants, hm.com.

Jumping for Joy

According to NYFW Spring/Summer 2019, jumpsuits will be everywhere this year. We caught several stylish cowgirls sporting the look throughout the weekend.

@ayadtx in a corduroy overall pantsuit.
Lucky Brand jumpsuit, luckybrand.com.

Fab Furs

In chilly weather, many cowgirls choose to break out their favorite furs and fluffy jackets. These warm and cozy styles are perfect for winter and early spring, or whenever you need some extra layers.

Boot Barn jacket, bootbarn.com.
Nordstrom jacket, shop.nordstrom.com.
Double D Ranchwear vest, ddranchwear.com.

Bold Squash Blossoms

We all know that turquoise is a cowgirl staple. Big and bold squash blossoms let you pack on more turquoise than a simple pendant and act as excellent statement pieces.

Sparkle & Shine

Sparkles were flying everywhere with rhinestones, glittery fabrics, and sequins. These shiny pieces are attention-grabbing and great to add a pop to your look.

The Lace Cactus cardigan, thelacecactus.com.
Eleven Eleven jacket, 11-11.in.
Rodeo Quincy shawl, rodeoquincy.com.

Playful Python

Python was snaking its way through the stands of AT&T Stadium this past weekend. This print was majorly popular among cowgirl fashionistas and is definitely here to stay.

Schutz boots, shutz-shoes.com.
Shein top, shein.com.
Upscale top, upscalefrenzi.com.
Southern Honey Boutique pants, southernhoney.com.

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