Cowgirl - Stretches

Help your horse feel his best by doing simple stretches with him everyday. These exercises will warm up your horse’s muscles and get out any kinks he may be having. They focus on his legs and neck, but also help with his back and shoulders. It’s a great idea to run through them before each ride, as well. Have some treats ready!

1) Front Leg Stretches

Grab your horse’s front leg by the knee and pull it toward yourself. Hold for a few seconds and then move on to the next leg.

2) Back Leg Stretches

For the back leg, gently pull in toward the front leg, but keep in low and do not force it. All legs should be stretched. If your horse is quiet, you can grab his back leg by the fetlock and pull behind him, as well.

2) Neck Stretches

Now you’ll need those treats. With the treat, guide your horse’s head to the girth area on both sides. Next, direct his head to the ground between his front hooves and then between his chest.

Check out this video to see the exercises in action: