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UltraFlex® Comfort Plus Bug Eye Fly Masks at Schneiders……

It’s hard to believe that fly season is already here. The horses are shaking their heads to rid themselves of gnats and flies. A stretchy, lycra mask will give your horse the relief they desperately need this season. They’re soft, breathable, and fit a range of head sizes. You’ll also love the fun patterns and colors they come in!

With a 4-way stretch, this mask has a secure fit! The mesh eye holes allow your horse to see out, but keep the bugs away. This one comes in a few different colors and a unique cactus print.

A hook-and-loop closure guarantees this mask stays in place throughout the day! It’s breathable and ultra comfy. The beautiful blue, purple, and lime color options make it a fun choice.

Weaver Lycra Covered Ear Fly Mask, $16.95, Riding Warehouse

This lycra mask is sure to impress! It comes in striking patterns like cheetah, tie dye, flowers, and aztec designs. Your horse will definitely stand out.

CoolAid Equine Lycra Fly Mask, $22.95, Valley Vet

The lycra fabric in this mask easily wicks away sweat. Your horse can stay dry and cool while wearing fly protection.

Make sure you’re ready for fly season! Your horse will thank you.