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The Heartland series is still going strong with 16 seasons. One of the top reasons for its success is the many talented women involved. From the actors and showrunner to the behind-the-scenes staff, there are so many lovely ladies making this show possible.

Women of Heartland

  • Amber Marshall as Amy
  • Michelle Morgan as Lou
  • Alisha Newton as Georgie
  • Madison Cheeatow as Jade
  • Heather Conkie as the showrunner
  • Many, many others!

These women sure are incredible! Amber Marshall runs her own farm before heading to set. She’s a real life rancher and horseback rider. Michelle Morgan is a talented actress and a working mom. In the series, Jade is a rodeo star that rides broncs like the guys. The women of Heartland are strong both in their personal lives and in the series!

Check out these impressive women both on set and behind-the-scenes…

You can see sneak peeks of current and future episodes on Heartland‘s YouTube channel.