Oooooh, man, do you ever get that anxious feeling when you see something you want so bad but you really should wait until next Friday’s paycheck…but then you buy it anyway. Seriously though, someone else could have snatched it up before you could if you waited one second longer! The utter terror.

Well, let’s hope payday is coming soon because we’ve got our eye on a few pieces over at SpoiledCowgirlzWJ on Etsy. Handmade. Turquoise. Copper. Need we say more?

Of course they have a few other goodies, but their copper goods are such beautifully unique statement pieces that we are a little partial. Shop around and check these babies out because obviously every girl could use a new piece of turquoise jewelry.

Copper Naja

Copper Thunderbird Necklace

Copper Cross Necklace


Copper Feather Necklace


Copper Concho and Leather Bracelet


Copper Earrings