western bar accessories
Bar Cart Cowgirl Magazine
Photo Source: Kate Decorates

I love bar carts and accessories. If I had the space, I would have multiple bar carts because I am obsessed with styling and decorating them. I’m sharing some cute horse and cowboy related basics that you need to bring your bart cart status up to par.

While alcohol is the obvious purpose for having a bar cart, it’s fun to collect different bottles. I’m always searching for wine and whiskey bottles with an equestrian or western theme. White Horse whiskey? Yes, please.

A decanter with a set of matching glasses can help create a theme. A Seabiscuit decanter and glasses set from Bourbon & Boots is worthy of collecting. You need a cute bottle stopper for those nights when you can’t finish the bottle. This cowboy hat bottle stopper is just $12 on Amazon.

A set of cowboy boot bottle openers are a do! Realistic cowboy boots are so cool.

Serve up shots in cowboy boot shot glasses.