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Cowgirl Hotlist

Heavens me, right now cactus inspired fashion is all that and a bag of chips. Lately, we have been riding the desert train and showing you our favorite southwestern inspired tees, but designers are taking cactus fashion to a whole other level. You can find beautiful prickly pear graphics on everything from handbags to kimonos. Just like anything, wear your cactus gear in moderation. Try not to wear a cactus purse, with a cactus tshirt and cactus kimono. Then you just look like a fan girl for cactus and you don’t want George Straight to get jealous. Do you? No ma’am! You want to mix this style with other desert inspired clothing and accessories. Try wearing a suede pair of heels and a floppy hat with a concho band with your cactus goodies in between for a look that says, “Hi, I’m a desert princess. Why aren’t you bowing for me?” These cactus inspired pieces are a classy way to incorporate this HOT style into your closet. Shop away, amigas! Carson Top in Cactus Cooler Open Shoulder Cactus Print Dress     Cactus Print Oversized Tee     Cactus Kimono Scuba A Line Skirt     Desert Days Tank Top     Desert Caravan Tank     Navajo Silver Cactus Earrings     Cactus Socks