summer cowgirl magazine

Horse owners are a step ahead of everyone. They don’t need a calendar to notice the arrival of summer. Things begin to change around the barn and it becomes clear that there’s a new season in town. Have you noticed some of these shifts lately?

Signs of Summer

1. Flies everywhere! The masks, sheets, and fly sprays are used in full force this time of year.

2. There’s lots more trail riding! The woods provide a cool, shaded place to enjoy your horse.

3. Some riders make it out to the beach WITH their horse. Who doesn’t love playing in the sand and waves?

4. It’s summer camp time! You might start noticing more and more kids appearing.

5. Your weekends are packed full with horse shows.

Summer has its pros and cons around the barn! Once you get the flies and heat under control, there’s a lot to look forward to.