Josey Ranch cowgirl magazine

Are you looking for the right summer camp for your kid? Sign your kiddos up for rodeo school! Professional barrel racer, Martha Josey, hosts the longest running Rodeo School in the world. Check out the Josey Ranch in Karnack, Texas!

The Josey Ranch does it all! She has a knack for teaching young cowboys and cowgirls. Kids from all ages and backgrounds learn to swing a rope and run barrels. Check out her YouTube channel to watch the way she teaches here!

The Josey Ranch Rodeo School is no ordinary summer camp. See how a little rain can’t stop any of their ropers? The occasional showers may make for a little more fun to be had!

See the excitement?! Giving kids the opportunity of a lifetime and sharing the sport of rodeo is Josey Ranch school the motivation.

Josey keeps followers—or parents—updated through her instagram here! A most recent group of students represented 11 different states!

Improvement is made in their performance in as little as one week! It’s obvious that the kids have learn so much while having a blast.

How about this set-up as a classroom! The rodeo school teaches great wisdom. One week the students learned the importance of watching your runs. Sound familiar rodeo contestants?

“We believe video review is so important that we designate a whole class specifically to video review in our clinics to break down our students first runs in slow motion.”

Martha Josey

The Josey Ranch Rodeo School seems like the perfect fit for a summer camp!

“Look at what these patches represent, we are here for positive times. its going to be a lot of work and a lot of fun. This week is going to be over before you know it”

Josey Instructor, Chad Henry