summer essentials cowgirl magazine

Summer is here! Are you and your horse ready for the hot weather? There are a few essentials that should be on your wish list. They’ll help your horse be more comfortable. Now who’s ready to start shopping!

Your horse will really appreciate a fly mask. They keep bugs away from their eyes and ears. This one is stretchy for a good fit! And the pattern is fun to look at too.

Mosquito Mesh Fly Sheets, $108.99, Schneider’s

Sensitive horses benefit from a fly sheet. No more bug bites on their sides, back, or belly! It also offers 60% UV protection.

Shoofly Horse Leggins, $44.95, Valley Vet

Another essential for fly protection is Shoofly Leggins! Your horse can now graze comfortably.

Summer Games, $17.95, SmartPak

You don’t want a dehydrated horse this summer, so invest in a good electrolyte. It provides essential minerals that are often lost when the horse sweats.

Mane ‘n Tail Bundle, $11.94, Chewy

Get your horse squeaky clean for your next show with some shampoo and conditioner. Summer is the perfect time to bathe those dirty horses.

These basics should help your horse be more comfortable this summer. What are your favorite go to products when the weather gets warmer?