With summer right around the corner, we’re in salad mode! Not only do we love finding ways to dress up our favorite veggies and greens, but we also like eating as healthy as we can for summer to keep fit for bikini season. If you’re trying to eat on the lighter side like us, but are craving something more, then these power salads below will get you through your healthy summer. 

Edamame Chickpea Power Salad

Photo and recipe courtesy of 86 lemons 

Not only is this salad packed with tons of protein, but it’s delicious protein. The avocado lime dressing is the ultimate cherry on top of this healthy salad! Whip this up for a healthy lunch or hearty dinner. 

Green Power Tower Salad

Photo and recipe courtesy of Healthy Happy Life

This power salad is full of delicious veggies and flavors. You won’t get tired of this power-packed salad. Try this for lunch as it’s sure to keep you full for awhile.

Quinoa Avocado Spinach Power Salad

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Garden Grazer 

Satisfy your grain-craving with healthy and protein-packed quinoa. The avocado, spinach and cherry tomatoes are the perfect way to get your greens in. The light dressing will keep off excess calories, as well!