It can be hard to choose just one summer fragrance—there’s so many out there that could be perfect for any type of occasion. This summer, we got you covered on the scent side. Below is the perfect fragrance for each type of cowgirl getaway. These scents are sure to rise to the occasion!


Tropical Beach Getaway 

If you’re trading horses on the ranch for horseback riding on the beach, then this fragrance will keep you company while you’re sipping on pina coladas and sunbathing (with sunscreen, of course) on a white sandy beach. Meet Beach by Bobbi Brown. The scent of it will instantly transport you to sandy beaches and drinks with umbrellas. Available at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, $72.

Relaxing Mountainous Weekend Trip

Catching some solitude this weekend up in the mountains? Nothing will calm the mind more than a little getaway up in the mountains. You can always count on nice, crisp weather up there and this fragrance Fresh Life by Fresh is the perfect companion. Notes of citrus, vanilla grass, lilac leaves, tonka flowers and morning dew combine to make the perfect fragrance. Available at Fresh, $88.

City Sight-Seeing Trip

If you love your vacations to be a little more on-the-go then this fragrance is for you. It will keep your energized and smelling pleasant even when you’ve been sight-seeing and on tour all day. It’s a fresh fragrance that ultimately captures the essence of summer. The Tory Burch Fragrance will bring a smile to your face and anyone else who passes you by. Available at Sephora, $85.