“Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Alex! Nice to meet you!

“Right now, I’m probably sipping a cup of coffee, or a jalapeno margarita if it’s after 5! It’s very likely that my husband, Chris, and I are bingeing something on Netflix, while probably eating sushi takeout. Or maybe we are at the gym… or should I say, CHRIS is definitely at the gym.

“I want to change the world, but I’m also tired and I need a snack. I fully embrace my nerdy side, but sometimes I’m so basic that it hurts. I love to travel the world and experience everything new and exotic. But sometimes I sit on my couch for 5 straight hours binging The Real Housewives or 90 Day Fiance, and I consider it a hassle to get up when my dasher rings the doorbell. I love people, but I consider myself an extroverted introvert and need lots of alone time to recharge. I embrace myself, but also struggle with self-love. I’m competitive and I like to take charge. But you want me to decide where to go for dinner? Forget it! I’m a big fan of the oxford comma & the ampersand. Cheese is my favorite food group. Visiting my family in Montana is my favorite place to be.

“But some of my happiest days are spent behind my computer screen, creating art for my wonderful clients (you!). Because ya wanna know what really lights me up? …creating things that help people celebrate who they are!

“From a marketing firm in Big Sky, Montana to a Fashion House in NYC, Alex Sidun covered all ends of the spectrum before coming back to the town she was born in — Red Bank, New Jersey. This is where she founded Summit and Sage in 2018. Summit and Sage’s goal is to use our unique experiences in branding, graphic design, marketing, fine art and textile design to help you share your story and express yourself or your business in a unique way.

“We believe that great design cannot happen without integrity, and that we should live everyday looking at the world with an eye towards changing it! Summit and Sage values diversity and welcomes clients of all sexual orientations, religious and cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, ages, and life experiences. We believe it is so important to be comfortable in expressing yourself through the design process and celebrate your identity in the final product.” -Alex, Summit And Sage

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