Whether you’re a new couple or have been married for years, there’s nothing like getting an unexpected surprise. So…why not surprise your cowboy this season?

Gifting your partner that one thing he wants but won’t buy for himself or just a product you know he’ll love will put a huge smile on his face…and yours! If you want to surprise your cowboy but are’t sure what to get, Wrangler is a good place to start! The classic cowboy brand has some amazing new arrivals for fall that will surely make him hoot and holler.


Sherpa-lined anything and he’ll be thankful when he’s ranching come wintertime, and the corduroy and jacquard add some extra style.

Cold weather wear

Flannels and pullovers are ideal for the not-too-hot, not-too-cold fall western weather.


A cowboy can never have enough western shirts! Competing, riding, or heading out on the town, these will definitely make your cowboy stand out this season.


When in doubt, surprise your cowboy with some denim! Wrangler jeans are a simply a cowboy staple.

Romantic gestures don’t have to be extravagant; a little gift or two to show your appreciation goes such a long way! Surprise your cowboy with anything and he’ll be happy. Surprise your cowboy with Wrangler? He’ll be thrilled.

Shop these and more fall arrivals from Wrangler at wrangler.com…and don’t forget to shop women’s fall for yourself!