corn recipes for summer
sweet corn recipes for summer cowgirl magazine
These are some sweet corn on the cob recipes!

Get your fix of sweet corn this summer with savory recipes you can grill all season long.

Grilled corn with walnut pesto is loaded up with delicious garlic flavor. Basil, parsley, and parmesan blended with walnuts make a delicious spread.

Recipe and photo by Food For Net

Want to learn another way to prepare your corn? Try sous vide smoky BBQ butter corn. Cooking the corn this way in an immersion circulator guarantees perfect kernels in every bite.

Recipe and photo by What’s Gaby Cooking

Grilled avocado street corn is packed with flavor…plus it’s sprinkled in bacon too! What could be better?

Recipe and photo by Cadry’s Kitchen

Serve up a side of buffalo corn on the cob with blue cheese. This recipe uses vegan blue cheese, but you can easily substitute that for regular if you prefer.