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Photos courtesy of S'well Instagram……

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Photos courtesy of S’well Instagram
Spring and Summer aren’t quite here yet, but they will be before you know it! Ladies, STAY HYDRATED…in style! Really though! Do not be getting caught in the heat. Make sure you have plenty of water around at all times whether you’re working or relaxing. Check out these cute S’well bottles that you won’t mind keeping around! I use this quote a lot, BUT, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” This bottle is still adorable though, and perfect for those spring sunshine days! Everyone has a wild side every once in a while! Okay now this one doesn’t even look like a bottle, it looks like home decor! If I have the opportunity to showcase something sparkly, I’m going to do it, EVERY time. Hmmmm, gold or marble…why not both?! Need some cute wine accessories for when the sun goes down? Check them out here!