6 Summer Swimmie Styles To Consider
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Which of these swim styles is your favorites?

Swim styles have taken on a completely new life of their own! It’s no longer just your typical two-piece bikini  with triangle tops. You can choose from extra straps, high-waisted, and even a one-piece. The patterns are getting more creative too! Lord knows looking and feeling your best in a swimsuit of all things is very important, otherwise your day on the lake is just ruined. Find something that makes YOU feel beautiful, and go have that perfect summer!

A denim swimsuit? I never would have guessed it, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

One-pieces have come back in style. Try one out!

Fringe is always the answer.

Try a wild print on for size!

All the little straps are such a fun look.

Loving all the new unconventional cuts!

This is the swimsuit of my dreams! Shoutout to The Bleacher Babe for blessing my newsfeed with this cactus creation! Learn more about her here!

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