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Photo courtesy of Sherry Cervi.……

You read that right: Sylvester Stallone was spotted at the Better Barrel Races finals! And he got to meet one of the biggest stars in rodeo: Sherry Cervi! He recently wrapped up filming one of Taylor Sheridan‘s new shows Tulsa King in Oklahoma. Subsequent scenes for the show were shot at different locations in downtown Tulsa, including Center of the Universe, the Mayo Hotel, Boston Avenue and Triangle Coffee Roasters. How cool is that? We love seeing celebrities out in the Western world!

In Tulsa King, Stallone, in his first starring television series role, took on the role of Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a 75-year-old mobster who, after serving a 25-year prison term, is sent to Tulsa by the son of his former mob boss.