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If you’re in the market for a new saddle, you’ll soon realize how many options there are. It can get overwhelming! Many western riders turn to synthetic saddles instead of leather ones. These handy saddles have many positives that keep riders and their horses happy. Find out why a lot of cowgirls are choosing synthetic these days!
  1. If weight is important to you, than you’re on the right path with a synthetic model. They are generally around 30 pounds compared to the 50-60 pounds of a leather one. It makes them easier to lift and puts less weight on your horse’s back.
  2. Don’t worry about dirt, just wipe it away. These saddles are so easy to clean! Some even choose to use a hose to remove dirt and grime. They can get wet without worry.
  3. Synthetic saddles cost less. Generally speaking, you can find an affordable model for a lot less than a leather one. They are available for all different riding types. That’ll allow you the opportunity to try a new discipline without breaking the bank. It also makes them a sound purchase for beginners and those just starting out.
  4. Many companies now offer adjustable trees on their synthetic saddles. These handy devices allow the saddle to be adjusted for a better fit. Some allow the gullet to be taken out for a wider or narrower one. If you wish to give up the tree altogether, try a treeless version.
  5. With normal wear and tear, there’s no reason your saddle can’t last 12 plus years. They hold up their looks really well. These saddles are durable and built to withstand tough rides.
Hopefully this makes your decision easier. Synthetic saddles are a great investment. If you’re worried about weight, cost, fit, and durability, they may be the perfect option for you!