Photo by: Clover Hill farm……

The debate of English verses western riding has existed for decades. Now, the race is on for the quickest tack up! Which rider will take longer to get their horse ready? If you ride both, then you might have a preference. For some, the time it takes to tack up may be about the same. Let’s find out!

This fun experiment tried to keep the conditions fair. Check out the action below!

And the winner is- ENGLISH! It was definitely a close one though. In fact, some might say if the western rider’s headstall didn’t get tangled she would’ve won.

What’s your experience? Do you find it easier to tack up one way verses the other?

This debate continued with Swapping Saddles: An Equestrian Themed Reality TV Show. Two riders, an English and western one, compete against each other for prize money and supplements.