Over the years, I’m sure you have collected your fair share of horse tack. It normally gets piled in the tack room where you might never find it again. Saddles, bridles, boots, pads, and grooming supplies fill the space in mounds! It’s time to get organized and do some spring cleaning. These neat hacks will make your life a lot easier.

Wall Mount Horse Blanket Rack, $124.95; Vet Valley.

1. A blanket rack is a great way to organize saddle pads or blankets. You can fit a whole bunch of items on it, but it’s still easy to sort through.

PC: Running Broke Quarter Horses.

2. Try this neat idea to organize polo wraps and boots. Just attach some velcro straps to the wall. They can be found at craft stores, or even Walmart.

PC: Pinterest.

3. If you’ve got a big barn with a lot of different horses, then you might need a way to sort your bits. A peg board, found at stores like Lowes or Home Depot, is an easy way to arrange them.

PC: Pinterest.

4. Storage bins work perfectly in tack rooms…and they are affordable! I particularly like the one above because it has doors and tons of shelves. It is perfect for grooming and medical supplies.

PC: Pinterest.

5. This saddle rack is just amazing! While it might not be feasible for everyone to have a saddle carousel, you should install some type of saddle rack. There are so many different options, such as those that attach to the wall and portable ones with wheels.

Once you take the time to organize your horse equipment, you’ll not only save time finding stuff, but also extend the life of your tack.