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Clinton Anderson’s Signature Saddle

Clinton Anderson’s Signature Saddle combines the best features of both an Aussie stock saddle and an American western saddle. Made exclusively for Downunder Horsemanship by Martin Saddlery, this saddle is built to work and keep you and your horse comfortable.  The saddle tree is precisely assembled with specific angles of alignment to ensure you have a secure seat.  Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely trail ride or turning back a cow, the saddle’s free-swinging fenders help balance your weight and keep your legs in proper position. For your horse, the saddle is specially designed to encourage and accommodate lateral flexion and ease of movement of his entire body, as well as to provide protection during hard stops and turns. The saddle features a smaller, more rounded profile than a typical western saddle, which makes it light and comfortable to work with. $2,649,