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Phoenix Rising

Gaited horses have unique muscle action along their backs, especially when performing a four-beat gait. They require a saddle that will provide flexibility and even weight distribution, while freeing up the shoulder and preventing interference at the loins. Phoenix Rising Saddles’ Imus 4-Beat Saddle is designed to do this and more. From the outside this  may look like a typical western or ‘gaited’ saddle, however the uniquely designed flexible tree allows the saddle to be placed more forward—so the front edges of the bar of the tree cup around the shoulder with little to no contact. The specialized Supracor open-cell padding is built-in under the bars of the tree, providing even weight distribution, and preventing pressure points. Although Phoenix Rising Saddles’ tack is designed with the gaited horse in mind, comfort is key for any horse, —gaited or not—and these work great on both.  $1,595,