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Tucker Trail Horizon Series

A Tucker trail saddle is designed so horse enthusiasts and their beloved equine partners can ride for hours at a time while remaining comfortable. Tucker Trail Saddles now offers an entirely different level of comfort – the Horizon Series trail saddle. This saddle provides even more comfort for you as a result of an ergonomic shock absorbing seat (to relieve pressure in tender areas), additional padding, and  shock absorbing ground seat. The soft, English bridle leather is luxuriously supple, and  naturally resists moisture—the dye will not run or rub off. Tucker’s Tri-Tech Fit System helps protect your horse’s back in three ways. First, the tree base provides modest flexibility to accommodate conformation issues. Second, the flexible panel maximizes weight distribution to help eliminate pressure points. Thirdly,  the tree bars are lined with patented Gel-Cush, with a wool felt skirt liner to absorb shock.  $2,295,