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Martin Saddlery Rancher

The newly redesigned Rancher by Martin Saddlery was thoroughly tested in some of the toughest climates and situations throughout the West. Its swell-forked, wade style found favor with those who spent consecutive long days in the saddle, covering miles of country and riding colts. It features a hybrid style, bringing Association swells to the best features of the Wade design, offering limitless utility for the working cowboy. The saddle features flat plate front rigging, wade skirt, full 2-1/2” stirrup leather, good ground seat for long miles, with plenty of swells for security, standard with 3” Nettles and Hamley Twist, mulehide wrapped dally horn, strings and tie rings for tying. The Rancher is built on Wade bars in 6-1/2” gullet.   $4,295,