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4 months ago

PBR’s Melissa Henricks’ Best Career Advice

For Melissa Henricks, a love for athletic competition and the…

1 year ago

This Is How Owning A Horse Changes Your Life

Owning a horse is a life-changing experience. You'll never again…

1 year ago

Why The 5 Minute Rule Is The Best Way To Handle Setbacks In The Show Ring

Every equestrian has been there. You have been training hours…

1 year ago

5 Lessons Every Athlete Can Learn From Michael Phelps

Regardless of what sport you compete in, there will come…

1 year ago

10 Ways To Build Your Horse’s Topline

You can transform your horse into a strong and willing…

1 year ago

Fallon Taylor’s New Groove

Fallon Taylor, the self-described “unicorn-obsessed, tie-dye wearing, outspoken, helmet chick…

2 years ago

Be Mindful Of Athletes On The Road

Athletes know that regardless of the sport they participate in,…

2 years ago

Top Rodeo Stars Give Words of Wisdom

There's a reason why the rodeo athletes who make it…