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6 months ago

The Power Of Riding With Your Seat

All riders should aim for effective communication with their horse.…

6 months ago

Riding The Perfect Circle

Whether your a beginner or professional rider, you've likely performed…

9 months ago

10 Tips For The Beginner Western Rider

Everyone starts off as a beginner at some point. The…

2 years ago

How To Lunge Your Horse The Correct Way

Many riders choose to lunge their horse as a form…

2 years ago

4 Qualities Of The Perfect Kid’s Horse

Let the horse shopping begin! Finding the ideal kid's horse…

2 years ago

How To Hold The Reins When Riding Western Style

Learning to hold the reins correctly is one of the…

3 years ago

Build The Ultimate Relationship With Your Horse Through Clicker Training

PC: liz west. Clicker training uses positive reinforcement to obtain…

3 years ago

5 Reining Movements You’ll See At A Show

PC: Edward Dalmulder Reining is an exciting sport that requires…

3 years ago

5 Obstacles You Might Find in a Trail Challenge

PC: BLMIdaho A trail horse challenge will put your horsemanship…