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4 weeks ago

Do Horses Get Cold?

As you're wrapped up in layers of clothing, you may…

5 months ago

Adorable Rain Sheets For Those Wet, Chilly Days

Summer is quickly making an exit and fall is on…

1 year ago

What Is The Coldest Temperature Horses Can Tolerate?

When temperatures drop, horse owners usually begin to worry. Is…

1 year ago

Top Five Horse Blanketing Tips

How do you keep your horse warm and dry in…

1 year ago

7 Tips On Winterizing Your Horse Barn

Temperatures are quickly dropping. It's only a matter of time…

1 year ago

Beautiful Blankets From The Handmade Heifer

These blankets from The Handmade Heifer are a MUST. Bring…

2 years ago

The Newest Saddle Pad Styles From Classic Equine

Get excited, y'all! The new saddle pad styles from Classic…

2 years ago

Pendleton Woolen Mills Strikes Again With A Disney Line!

It is no secret that Pendleton has been a leader…

2 years ago

Cozy Western Bedding You’ll Want For Winter

Chilly mornings are officially here. It's time to swap out…

3 years ago

COWGIRL DECOR: Warming Trend

Cooler weather is here, which means it's time to outfit…

3 years ago


For six generations, Pendleton has been weaving heirloom quality wool…

3 years ago

Horse Blanketing 101

Is your horse visibly uncomfortable or shivering in cold weather?…

4 years ago

Freshly Blanketed

Maya Modern Handwoven table runner, $44,

5 years ago

Cozy Blankets and Bedding You Need for Fall

A new season is a great excuse to go shopping!…