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3 months ago

From Wild To Competing In The Extreme Mustang Makeover

Since 2007, the Extreme Mustang Makeover has been an opportunity…

5 months ago

15 Tips For Getting The Blue Ribbon

There's a lot of reasons to love showing. You can…

10 months ago

20 Fun Things To Do With A Miniature Horse

Miniature horses are the cutest! They add something special to…

12 months ago

Horse Pulling: May the Strongest Horse Win

The sport of horse pulling has deep roots in early…

1 year ago

10 Reasons Every Teenage Girl Needs A Horse

Being a teenage girl isn't easy...horses help though! There's something…

2 years ago

The Good Habit Checklist For Barrel Racers

You want the fastest and cleanest ride you can get!…

2 years ago

5 Obstacles You Might Find in a Trail Challenge

PC: BLMIdaho A trail horse challenge will put your horsemanship…

3 years ago

Are You Extreme Enough To Train A Mustang?

Skilled trainers are being recruited for the Extreme Mustang Makeover…

3 years ago

Rachelle Valentine Named Third Competitor at ROAD TO THE HORSE

The cowgirl has long been etched into history. The pioneering…