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6 months ago

Tips For Dealing With A Hot Horse

If you find yourself working with a hot or sensitive…

11 months ago

Are Arabian Horses Crazy & Spirited?

Arabian horses are lot of things, but are they crazy?…

1 year ago

4 Qualities Of The Perfect Kid’s Horse

Let the horse shopping begin! Finding the ideal kid's horse…

1 year ago

How To Hold The Reins When Riding Western Style

Learning to hold the reins correctly is one of the…

2 years ago

How To Properly Pick Out Your Horse’s Hooves

Picking out a horse's hooves can be a daunting task…

2 years ago

5 Common Mistakes Made When Lunging Your Horse

Lunging can be a great form of training and exercise…

2 years ago

Practice Safe Horse Handling With These Tips

Horses are large animals that can accidentally and intentionally hurt…

2 years ago

Bit Basics: The Snaffle

The snaffle is commonly seen in the English and Western…

2 years ago

The Path To Becoming A Farrier

Long gone are the days where farriers were middle-aged men.…