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famous horses

1 year ago

10 Incredible Photos Of Sergeant Reckless, The Most Decorated War Horse In History

I have a fascination with famous horses in history, and…

1 year ago

These Actors Are Raving About Their Horse Co-Stars

When you work alongside someone for a long period of…

2 years ago

The Story Of The Famous War Horse Comanche

I have had a fascination lately with researching the stories…

2 years ago

The Horse Stars Of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Okay, so maybe The Lord of the Rings doesn't feature…

2 years ago

5 Famous Horses From Western Film

A lot is known about the famous actors who starred…

2 years ago

The Warrior War Horse

One of the most popular stories I've ever written for…

2 years ago

The Forgotten Story Of The Horse That Conquered A 20,000 Mile Trek

In a story that has been lost to history, a…

2 years ago

The Horse That Became A Celebrated Western Film Star

When most people think of Roy Rogers, they probably picture…