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high waisted

2 years ago

How About A Little High-Waisted Inspiration This Turquoise Tuesday?

Turquoise is definitely the jam for any western fashionista! It…

2 years ago

Fashion Friday: Bring Your Rockies From 1987 To Now

Rockies are officially BACK! Whether you like it or not,…

2 years ago

Rock The Rockies!

Anyone remember the Rockies post from awhile back? Rockies were quite…

2 years ago

Women In Wrangler

I'm on a vintage kick, y'all! Women in Wrangler had it…

2 years ago

Vintage Rockies With A Modern Twist

For those of you ladies that saw my post a…

2 years ago

Remember Rockies?

Many of you may read this and smile, while others…

3 years ago

Hot High Waisted Shorts

I don't know about y'all, but I am so freakin'…