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4 months ago

How To Remove A Horse Shoe

Every horse owner that gets shoes put on their horse…

4 months ago

A Hoof Trimming Overview

Every horse owner should know what a good hoof trimming…

5 months ago

Taking Care Of Your Horse’s Hooves The Smart Way

You've probably heard the saying, 'no hoof, no horse'. Riders…

6 months ago

Have Fun With These Cute Hoof Decals!

What cowgirl doesn't want to add a splash of color…

12 months ago

Top 10 Hoof Care Tips For Your Horse

The popular quote "no hoof, no horse" continues to prove…

2 years ago

Top Tips For Winter Hoof Care

Dashing through the snow isn't fun for your horse if…

2 years ago

Top 10 Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Horses

You'll be shocked when you see how healthy and affordable…

2 years ago

Common Types Of Hoof Cracks

Hoof cracks are unsightly! They can be extremely frustrating to…

2 years ago

What To Do When A Hoof Abscess Strikes

PC: CAFNR An unsound, hobbling horse can often be the…