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3 months ago

Tips For Dealing With A Hot Horse

If you find yourself working with a hot or sensitive…

4 months ago

Top Signs Of Heat Stress In Horses

Hot weather can be difficult on your horse. It's important…

6 months ago

5 Ways To Get Your Horse Ready For Summer

Summer can either be fun or hot and miserable. It's…

6 months ago

Western Sandals To Stay Cool For The Summer

Sometimes it's just too hot for boots, but don't despair!…

2 years ago

Get Your Hot Horse To Calm Down Under Saddle

Do you have a nervous or frigidity horse? It can…

2 years ago

Is Your Horse A Hot, Cold, Or Warm Blood?

If you've spent enough time in the barn, you have…

2 years ago

Avoid Heat Exhaustion With These Tips

A hot day can take a toll on your horse. If…