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4 months ago

4 Steps To Building Trust With Your Horse

Some people have a special bond with their horse. They…

5 months ago

The 30, 60, 90 Day Horse: Is It Enough?

Many horse owners make the smart decision to send their…

1 year ago

The Patience Pole Teaches Your Horse To Stand Quietly

Every horse should know how to stand tied. It's a…

1 year ago

3 Steps To Get Your Horse To Stand For The Farrier

You can make your farrier's job a whole lot easier…

2 years ago

10 Reasons Every Teenage Girl Needs A Horse

Being a teenage girl isn't easy...horses help though! There's something…

3 years ago

Strive For The Perfect Showmanship Set-Up

PC: Caroline Beaudoin In showmanship, the handler strives to present…