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11 months ago

Batiste Is The Best Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo has changed the hair game! It's no…

12 months ago

Mane ‘n Tail: The Must-Have Tools of the Trade for Amy Witt

Amy Witt is a cowgirl with heart, and a passion…

1 year ago

Get The Mane Of Your Dreams

If you've ever dreamed of your horse having a gorgeous…

2 years ago

How To Bathe Your Horse Properly

Bring out the buckets and's bath time! In the…

3 years ago

Pamper Your Pony With A Spa Day

Cowgirls like their spa days and so do their ponies!…

3 years ago

Grooming Secrets For White Tails

PC: the_forgotten_nomad Keeping your horse's white tail clean can become quite the…

3 years ago

Eliminate Dandruff In Your Horse’s Mane

There's nothing more unsightly than white flakes of dandruff clustered…