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1 month ago

Are Horses Your Spirit Animal?

Horses can symbolize a lot of different things to people.…

2 months ago

Have You Ever Heard Of A Kiger Mustang? That’s What Spirit Is!

Have you ever heard of a Kiger Mustang? You might…

3 months ago

Happy Birthday, Spirit!

Happy 25th birthday, Spirit! Many people love the heroic horse…

1 year ago

Learn Some Simple Trick Riding Maneuvers

Trick riding was introduced into the Netflix series 'Spirit Riding…

2 years ago

Meet The Real Life Horse That The Fictional Spirit Was Inspired By

The movie Spirit is very popular among cowgirls, mostly due to…

2 years ago

5 Real Life Buckskin Horses That Look Just Like Spirit

Spirit is one of the most iconic horse films of…

3 years ago

5 Horse TV Series You Must Watch

Calling all horse lovers! You don't want to miss out…

3 years ago

This Scene From Spirit Is The Best Part Of The Entire Movie

It's common knowledge that Spirit is one of the greatest…

4 years ago

Top 10 Favorite Horse Movies

  Horse movies have always had a special place in…